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On the Twenty-Second day of Christmas my wine rack gave to me a Dominique Portet Fontaine Rosé

With three days out from Christmas, the weather here in Australia is set to soar.

With the working year over (almost over for others), let’s kick back and relax with a Fontaine Rosé, from Dominique Portet.

tip the bottle rose.png

This wine hails from the Yarra Valley, a cool climate area in Australia.

The light pink colour is so classic of a Rosé – which is what this wine oozes. Made from Merlot, Shiraz, and Cabernet it’s a slightly peppery wine, with hints of red berries. It’s refreshing and crisp, and leaves you wanting more just like Oliver.


Please sir, can I have some more Rose?

Hope you enjoy your Thurday with this one!

Until next time winos,


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On the Twenty-first day of Christmas my wine rack gave to me a Haystack Pinot Gris

It’s Wednesday, so let’s get a little bit country, and reach for a Haystack wine from the wine rack.

This Haystack wine hails from the Yarra Valley in Victoria, and is a brilliant Pinot Gris quaffer to get you over the line of hump day (Wednesday). Priced around the $23 mark, this is a real treat.

The sweetness and freshness of the wine pairs particularly well with Asian food, which is what I did the other night, eating Korean BBQ chicken wings, and kimchi calamari pancakes, along with an array of other Korean food.


Haystack paired with Korean food


“Bright pale straw colour with a watery hue. Lifted pear and floral aromas are followed by some ripe apple, musk and a hint of quince. The palate is a hybrid of traditional Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio possessing a full textural feel and crisp dry finish with flavours of pear, ripe Jonathan apples, subtle musk and quince. Aftertaste of pear, ripe Jonathan apples and quince.” www.nicks.com.a

Until next time winos,


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On the Sixteenth day of Christmas my wine rack gave to me a Medhurst Rosé

Yes Tis the season for a Rosé. I’ve now featured a couple of Rosé’s in the advent wine calendar, even a frosé!

It’s on the top of my list as THE Summer wine. It’s a great alternative than just the usual white you may lean towards. It’s even a great wine to take with you when you go sailing! So fancy!

tip the bottle.JPG

Look! I’m on a boat!

This Rosé hails from Medhurst Wines in the Yarra Valley in Victoria. It was even crowned best Rosé at the Yarra Valley Wine Show in 2016!

It’s so deserving of the accolade.

tip the bottle rose.jpg

What a winner!

The wine is made from a blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, and is a beautiful light pink colour. Wondering how Rosé gets its pink colour? see my blog post here!

Melbourne, you are such a tease with your good weather. You make me want to drink Rosé.
It’s crisp and refreshing flavours of strawberry and tarty fruits, like raspberries and citrus, make me feel like I’m eating a dessert, but without the sweetness.

“Deliciously elusive fresh fruits including strawberry and raspberry are supported by white blossom of jasmine and citrus. The 2016 Medhurst Rosé shows bright personality of the Shiraz bringing freshness and liveliness to the wine, and the copper-hue from the Cabernet brings the fine drying finish and amazing persistence of flavour, cleansing the palate ready for another mouthful.” http://www.medhurstwines.com.au

It’s great to have on its own, or with white meat, or even with a cheeky cheese.

Until next time winos



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On the sixth day of of Christmas my wine rack gave to me a Rob Dolan Cabernet Shiraz Merlot

Growing up back in the country, Tuesday night used to be pizza night. It was from here where my obsession and love for the round piece of dough topped with every bit of deliciousness grew.


To celebrate Tuesday night pizza night, a good pizza wine is required.

This wine I came across at the Williamstown Wine and Cheese festival. The Rob Dolan 2013 Cabernet, Shiraz, Merlottipthebottle2.png
Rob Dolan winery is a relatively new winery, and was crowned as best newcomer winery by James Halliday in 2014.
If you’re wondering who Rob Dolan is, he was the face behind Sticks and Punt Road wines in the Yarra Valley – wineries with spectacular wines, particularly the Sticks Pinot Noir which is an absolute cracker.

At the festival it was recommended by cellar door assistant manager Courtney that this wine would be paired well with pizza, and is known as THE pizza wine.

To test it out, a pizza was consumed (quite quickly) alongside a bottle of the Cabernet Shiraz Merlot.
And Courtney was right.

The spiciness from the Shiraz paired well with the tomato, and had a smoothness from the Merlot. It was rich and deep in colour, and was an absolute delight to drink.

If you’re looking for your next pizza wine, I’d recommend going for a Rob Dolan 2013 Cabernet, Shiraz, Merlot.

Until next time winos


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Pop the cork, it’s time to celebrate! A sparkling wine to suit any occasion

No doubt you have probably popped a few bottles of champers since the start of the year, whether it has been to welcome in the New Year, birthdays, new jobs, new babies, new house, engagements, weddings, cleaning the house…okay okay I haven’t done the champers in one hand-duster in the other yet, but it probably wouldn’t be a bad way to ease the pain of cleaning. Right?!

cleaning tip the bottle

It was not long ago that my brother finally popped the question to his beautiful fiancé!

engagement tip the bottle

She said YES!

This gave me a great reason to pop the cork and celebrate! With many friends and family over to celebrate attip the bottle tantrum home, we needed to make sure we didn’t tip the drink budget, which meant the Dom Perignon had to be crossed off the menu. So sad!

Choosing the wine
It can be hard finding a good sparkling wine that tastes great, and won’t break the budget.

There was one that ticked all the boxes:
DeBortoli’s Rococo Premium Cuvée
The wine of the hour

The wine of the hour

Great tasting – tick!

The bubbles were small and had a creamy balanced flavour, with a slightly dry finish. It was so good, that people were drooling for seconds.

Cheap – tick!
Normally retailing at $22 per bottle, we managed to get a few bottles in a 2 for $30 special! It was a deal at the time at the local grocer, which meant plenty of bottles ahoy.
After the celebrations were over, when my future sister-in-law was busily studying her bridal magazines, she came across THE Rococo as the wine to toast with when celebrating. What are the odds?!

Here’s the proof!

If you see it in the supermarket, or at the wine grocer I recommend popping one in your basket. It never hurts to have a sparkling in the cupboard in case of an emergency, or just to do the cleaning with.

Until next time winos

Tip the Bottle
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