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On the Twenty-fourth day of Chirstmas my wine rack gave to me a Tim Adams 20 Year Fine Old Tawny

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, there was a bottle of Tim Adams 20 Year Fine Old Tawny.


An appropriate way to get you in the mood for Christmas is with a wine that tastes like Christmas!

The Tim Adams Fine Old Tawny is a 20 year old Tawny, and was made as close to the Portugal way as possible. You will notice that Port style wines that have been made outside of Portugal cannot be named Port. This is because Portugal have claimed the name Port, similar to how France has claimed Champagne.


Tawny Ports tend to have a nuttiness and caramel flavour to them, and are aged for around 3 years in barrels.

A great way to drink this Tawny is either on its own, or with a creamy blue cheese. The sweetness of the Tim Adams Tawny will really cut through the fat, and complement the cheese well.

Until next time winos,


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