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How to host a mulled wine party – Jamie Oliver style

Mulled wine is the perfect Winter party drink; there’s lots of it, and people can help themselves. It’s just like a Summer punch party, but in Winter.

Hold up, what is mulled wine exactly?

Mulled wine is a spiced up red wine, with flavours of cinnamon, star anise, cloves, nutmeg, and peel. It’s served warm, and is the perfect ‘cold-hands-warming’ beverage.

My friend hosted her first mulled wine party, and it went off like a flamingo hanging from the ceiling!

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How do you host a mulled wine party?

Take Jamie Oliver’s mulled wine recipe

Click Here for the recipe

Source ingredients from your local grocer

Coles and Woolies will have all your mulled wine needs, although if you come across a specialised spice shop like Gewürzhaus house this is a great option as well – amazing fresh produce, and they even have a ‘ready-to-use’ mulled wine spice mix, if you can’t be bothered getting all the individual ingredients.


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Photo Credit @meghannmaee

Souring the main ingredient – the wine!

This can be a tricky one. Certainly don’t go using your Penfolds or vintage red wine you’ve been cellaring in this mix, as the flavours of the spices and peel will override much of red wine notes.

Instead, use something that’s full bodied like a Tempranillo or a Shiraz.

Tip the Bottle's Tip - Source a dozen bottles of clean skin wine. 
Let's be honest, you'll be using lots of it, and it's an effective way to keep costs down.

Brew for around 15 minutes

This gives you enough time to primp yourself before the guests arrive, and sort out the record player for some cracking party tunes.

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Arrange some nibbles

When hosting a mulled wine party, a mulled wine host should also provide an accompaniment of nibbles. If cooking isn’t your strongest point, you can always ask your guests to bring along a snack.

Here’s a few suggestions on how to feed your guests, while they’re sipping on their mulled wine.

  • without a doubt cheese and crackers!
  • strawberries
  • cinnamon donuts
  • mini meatballs with chilli sauce
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‘Donut’ leave your guests go hungry!


Arrival of your guests

Once your guests arrive, hand them an empty coffee mug, and take them to the magic mulled wine pot to fill it up.

Coffee cups are an ideal way to serve the mulled wine, as it holds the heat of the wine and creates a bit of fun among the guests as they pretend to drink coffee.

Surprise your guests by offering a splash of amaretto

While this is not in the recipe, it is a common addition that smooths out the flavours of the mix, and adds that little bit of extra kick your guests are not expecting.

If the mulled wine pot gets low, top it up!

Lucky you have those extra clean skin bottles on hand! You’re welcome.

This is the (one of the many) best parts about mulled wine – the fact you can just keep topping it up. With the brew of spices and flavours in the bottom of the pot, it will just keep on giving throughout the night.

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Time for a refill!

Be prepared for spillage

If you’re hosting your party in a house with hard flooring, any spillage can be hosed down.

If you’re hosting on carpet, be sure you have a massive bag of salt to lap up any spillage, and newspaper to cover. This will soak up any stains quickly. Next day vacuum it up and apply some carpet cleaner. Voila! Clean again

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Quick to action with all hands on deck will fix any spillage


A fun winter party idea! With only a few days left in winter, you better get cracking!

Until next time winos



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