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Marathon Du Medoc

In my last post I mentioned that I’m 30 years of age, or as some would say, 30 years young.
My thirties so far have been great. In fact, the way that I decided to enter in to my thirties was somewhat of a different experience most would have.

It was back in early 2013 that I decided that I wanted to do something to mark this milestone of a birthday. With Google at my fingertips I was searching for some inspiration on what I could do. It wasn’t until one fine sunny February morning that my fitness freak of a brother emailed me a webpage link, from his home in London, suggesting that I travel over and do a marathon with him.

A Marathon?!

Being a social runner, and having only ever done one half-marathon a couple of years ago, I swore to myself I would never do a full marathon – way too far!

So I clicked through on the webpage link, and low-and-behold I was sold. It was a wine marathon in Bordeaux France! Yep, you read it right…a wine marathon in Bordeaux France.
The marathon is called ‘Marathon Du Medoc’. The idea of this marathon, is that you dress-up in fancy dress, with the theme being Science Fiction, and run a full marathon distance of 40.195km (26.2 miles) through the Medoc wine region (think of the Yarra Valley, but bigger and filled with French people), dropping in to chateaus and drinking wine along the way.

marathon du medoc poster

All signed up, I began my training regime.

How does one train for an event like this? Should I be taking a flask of wine on my training runs? What fancy dress costume should I run my first marathon in?

Seeing as though I’d never run that far before, and to avoid the weird looks from people seeing me downing a shiraz on the running trails, I decided to split my training in to two parts.

Part one of my training:
I followed a 13-week program of continual running. Never before have I run so much in my life. It was painful, but at the same time rewarding, running the distances that I did, and churning through a pair of runners from it.

Part two of my training:
Keeping up the vino intake, responsibly of course. While most who train for marathons would eliminate all forms of alcohol, it was important for me to keep this up. After all, I would be drinking wine on the run, and it would be irresponsible of me to lower my tolerance levels. Suffice to say, part two of the training program was my favourite.

At the end of the 13 weeks, it was time to pack my bags, along with my fancy dress costume, and head over to France.

Stay tuned, as my next post I’ll be taking you along the ride with me on what was a very unique, and extremely exhilarating experience. Here’s a little taste as to what I chose as my Sci-Fi fancy dress costume.


Until next time wino’s, cheers.

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The face behind Tip the bottle

Okay, so you’re probably wondering ‘who is Tip the bottle’? ‘Does he or she even have any solid experience in the wine industry’? ‘Should I trust what they say’? ‘Did I leave the oven on’?

So to answer your questions, lets kick it off with who am I.

My name is Jacinta, and I currently live and work in Melbourne, Australia. I was born and raised in country Victoria, with the great privilege of having the Strathbogie wine region on my back doorstep.

I’m 30 years of age. Yep, the big 3-oh! While I’m not yet fully matured, I have been drinking wine for some time now, and have recently had an increased interest in all things wine over the past four to five years. Why only recently you ask? I suppose the turning point was when my foody-friend invited me to come along with her to a wine tasting showcase in Melbourne. Having only ever been a seasoned “I only drink Sauvignon Blanc” wine consumer, attending the wine tasting showcase really opened up my eyes, and filled up my wine glass to trying new and different varieties, some of which I never knew existed!

So while I’ve never worked at a winery, nor picked grapes from the vineyard, or squashed them with my feet (which I’d love to try one day), my experience simply comes from sharing a bottle with friends over dinner, going to wine tasting festivals and wineries, and having a drop after a long day at work.

Trust me when I say I love wine.

Even though we may all have different preferences when it comes to particular types of wine, such as ‘I love a sweet wine’ or ‘I prefer reds over whites’, I can safely say that I love trying and experiencing all types of wines from super sweet to super dry. I must be honest with you though, my taste buds generally love to be treated to a dry wine, particularly a great red!

So hopefully I’ve given you a bit of an idea as to who I am, and where I come from, however I can’t answer your question if you left the oven on or not. You will just have to go and check that yourself.

Until next time wino’s, cheers.

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