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On the Fifteenth day of Christmas my wine rack gave to me a Koonara Ezra’s Gift Shiraz

Koonara Wines hails from Coonawarra in South Australia

‘Koonara, Coonawara’, say that 10 times fast!

A Shiraz is always a good wine to finish off a Thursday, on the eve of a Friyay! This Shiraz is no exception.

Whiles there’s two Shiraz varieties in the range, the Ezra’s Gift 2012 Shiraz is a step above the Angel’s Peak 2014 Shiraz.

tip the bottle.png

One sip of the Ezras’s Gift Shiraz and you’ll be pulling the glass away looking at it like you’ve just met your new best friend. It’ll give you those warm fuzzy feels.


The oakiness of French Oak really comes through in the taste of the wine. It’s full bodied, and rich in a deep red colour. Smooth and well rounded, with hints of berries.

Grown using organic sprays and no pesticides, your body will thank you for not putting those nasties in your body.
This wine is best teamed with a red meat dish like a rib eye steak with peppercorn sauce.

Until next time winos


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