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Pop the cork, it’s time to celebrate! A sparkling wine to suit any occasion

No doubt you have probably popped a few bottles of champers since the start of the year, whether it has been to welcome in the New Year, birthdays, new jobs, new babies, new house, engagements, weddings, cleaning the house…okay okay I haven’t done the champers in one hand-duster in the other yet, but it probably wouldn’t be a bad way to ease the pain of cleaning. Right?!

cleaning tip the bottle

It was not long ago that my brother finally popped the question to his beautiful fiancé!

engagement tip the bottle

She said YES!

This gave me a great reason to pop the cork and celebrate! With many friends and family over to celebrate attip the bottle tantrum home, we needed to make sure we didn’t tip the drink budget, which meant the Dom Perignon had to be crossed off the menu. So sad!

Choosing the wine
It can be hard finding a good sparkling wine that tastes great, and won’t break the budget.

There was one that ticked all the boxes:
DeBortoli’s Rococo Premium Cuvée
The wine of the hour

The wine of the hour

Great tasting – tick!

The bubbles were small and had a creamy balanced flavour, with a slightly dry finish. It was so good, that people were drooling for seconds.

Cheap – tick!
Normally retailing at $22 per bottle, we managed to get a few bottles in a 2 for $30 special! It was a deal at the time at the local grocer, which meant plenty of bottles ahoy.
After the celebrations were over, when my future sister-in-law was busily studying her bridal magazines, she came across THE Rococo as the wine to toast with when celebrating. What are the odds?!

Here’s the proof!

If you see it in the supermarket, or at the wine grocer I recommend popping one in your basket. It never hurts to have a sparkling in the cupboard in case of an emergency, or just to do the cleaning with.

Until next time winos

Tip the Bottle
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