On the sixth day of of Christmas my wine rack gave to me a Rob Dolan Cabernet Shiraz Merlot

Growing up back in the country, Tuesday night used to be pizza night. It was from here where my obsession and love for the round piece of dough topped with every bit of deliciousness grew.


To celebrate Tuesday night pizza night, a good pizza wine is required.

This wine I came across at the Williamstown Wine and Cheese festival. The Rob Dolan 2013 Cabernet, Shiraz, Merlottipthebottle2.png
Rob Dolan winery is a relatively new winery, and was crowned as best newcomer winery by James Halliday in 2014.
If you’re wondering who Rob Dolan is, he was the face behind Sticks and Punt Road wines in the Yarra Valley – wineries with spectacular wines, particularly the Sticks Pinot Noir which is an absolute cracker.

At the festival it was recommended by cellar door assistant manager Courtney that this wine would be paired well with pizza, and is known as THE pizza wine.

To test it out, a pizza was consumed (quite quickly) alongside a bottle of the Cabernet Shiraz Merlot.
And Courtney was right.

The spiciness from the Shiraz paired well with the tomato, and had a smoothness from the Merlot. It was rich and deep in colour, and was an absolute delight to drink.

If you’re looking for your next pizza wine, I’d recommend going for a Rob Dolan 2013 Cabernet, Shiraz, Merlot.

Until next time winos


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