A South Yarra Wine Bar and a Kosher wine

Nestled in at number 27 Toorak rd South Yarra, just near Punt rd, is (new-ish) wine bar South Press.

It was following a delicious steak night at the Arcadia hotel that my friend recommended we go to South Press for some wine and cheese to finish off the evening.south press wine bar

Walking in to South Press, the first thing I noticed was the floor-to-ceiling wall of wine bottles and glasses in the middle of the venue. With a wall of wine this size, I knew we’d be in for a treat.


A small section of the wine wall

Seated at one of the tables by the friendly staff, we were handed the wine menu.

No surprise, it was an impressive menu to say the least.

Covering off each of the varieties (sparkling, white, rose, and red), the list contained a curated selection of wines from all over the world, and from our very own backyard.

The hard part was choosing what to drink!

My choice of wine for the evening was a Six Parallels South Assemblagé 2015. It was a blend of three grape varieties – Sauvignon Blanc (40%), Verdelho (38%), and Chardonnay (22%). Each great on their own, but when blended together = amazingness

I guess you could call it a Neapolitan wine – scooping up three delicious wines in to one glass.
Tasting note – a crisp, slightly fruity wine, with a mineral note driven by the Verdelho.




Along with the wine, my friend and I tucked in to a delicious semi-hard Spanish sheep’s cheese covered in rosemary. On the side were some slices of fruit bread and a fruit paste.


A cheesy photo

At the end of the evening I wanted to keep drinking the wine, however with it being a school night I decided to be sensible Sally and buy a bottle for later. Retail $27.

That’s right, the wine bar also doubles as a wine shop!



When buying the wine, to my surprise the waitress told me that it was a Kosher wine. I’d never had Kosher wine before, and didn’t know much about what is was that made it Kosher.


So what makes a wine Kosher wine?

The wine making process can only be performed by someone who is Jewish: from crushing of the grapes, right through to the bottling of the wine.  With Kosher wines not containing any animal products, it also doubles up as being 100% vegan.

Australia is one country where demand for Kosher wine has increased in recent times, and Six Parallels South is one winery that has got it perfected.

If you’re in and around South Yarra next time, be sure to pop in for a glass.


Until next time wino’s,




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