Drew Barrymore #ilovewine

Have you ever wondered if someone were to play you in a movie who it would be? For me, it would be Drew Barrymore.

Drew has been my movie muse ever since I saw her in The Wedding Singer.


A few months ago she posted a photo of herself on Instagram holding a bottle of Barrymore wine, complete with the hashtag #ilovewine.

drew instagram tip the bottle

@drewbarrymore – Instagram

The wine, aptly named Barrymore wines, was one that she collaborated with Carmel Road wines. What can’t this girl not do?! With many celebs releasing their own fashion line, handbags, and signature scents, seeing a celeb release their own wine range is refreshing.

In a sit-down dinner, Drew introduced her friends to her Pinot Grigio creation. She went on to explain to her guests that Pinot Grigio was a wine she loved sharing with her girlfriends, and that it made sense to have this variety as part of her collection. Whatta-gal!

Described as ‘bright and crisp. Flavors of lemon drop, Asian pear and honeydew melon star alongside the “wet stone” minerality that’s a hallmark of the Monterey region’s rocky vineyards.

barrymore wines tip the bottle.png
Retailed and shipped to American residents only, as an Aussie girl, I’m just going to have to dream about what this drop by my favourite muse would be like.

Until next time wino’s


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