Just what the DOC ordered for a birthday drink – Wine on tap

Move aside beer, wine now has a place at the bar on tap. That’s right, you can now get a glass of wine straight from the tap, like you would for a beer.

It’s my birthday, and what better way to celebrate my birthday than drinking wine from a tap. Responsibly of course!

One company here in Australia that’s bringing this phenomenon to us is DOC wines.
I’ve seen these taps popping up all over the place in bars, and eateries. Varieties of the tap wine range from a Pinot Grigio, to a Sauvignon Blanc, a Rosato, through to a Cabernet Merlot.

The benefits of having wine served this way is that the wine remains in it’s original form, and doesn’t become tainted from oxidation – like you would have happen after leaving a bottle open in the fridge for days. It’s environmentally friendly, with one keg containing equivalent to 27 bottles, and it’s easier to pour in to a glass. I’ll cheers to that.

I only hope that the standard question when sitting down at a restaurant eventually becomes ‘tap wine or sparkling wine?’, rather than the standard water offering. Until then, I think I need one of these in my house – right next to my water tap.

A sneaky bar shot!

A sneaky bar shot!

Until next time winos


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