Ladies who Shoot their Lunch – A wine label favourite

I love a good wine label.

As a kid you’re taught not to judge a book by its cover, and as an adult the same goes when it comes to wine. The most boring-ist of labels could be the most tastiest wine, and the most eye-pleasing labels could be the half-eye-shut-pull-back-head look tasteless wine.

One of my favourite labels is ‘Ladies who Shoot their Lunch’. A quirky name and a great label. Just so happens that this range is one of my all-time favourites to drink.

You can even get this label in poster format, with the winery releasing limited edition posters! I’d love to be able to hang this in my lounge room.

Along with the Ladies who Shoot their Lunch, Fowles wines have extended the look and feel of this label to replace the labels of their other wines. Even though they’re replacing the labels, they have reassured us that the wine inside will remain the same. Phew! 

Even these labels are available in poster format! I love it.

Yes, I guess you can say I am a fan of the label and the wine!

The new range of labels. Looking good Fowles! Image @fowles_wine

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