A couple of filly’s on field at Melbourne’s Food and Wine Flemington Grazing Trail

It comes around once a year. The Melbourne Food and Wine show. In its second year running the Flemington grazing trail lays itself out on the grass at Flemington racecourse. Coincidently it also happens to fall on the same day as the Super Saturday horse race.

While it is a race day, dress code is a little more relaxed, taking on a smart, yet more casual style. Basically, anything goes when wandering around in the grazing trail enclosure. As long as you arrive thirsty, with an empty belly and happy vibes you’re in for a great day.

tip the bottle_j&m

It’s Phar Lap!


On arrival you can kit yourself up with a tasting glass for $20. Getting this little glass in your hand is like getting a pan ready to sift for gold. With this little baby you can wander around freely, tasting whatever you like.


If you do come across a fabulous drop of gold, and want to drink the whole bottle, you can! Yep. You can buy the whole bottle to sip on with your friends in the sun, and watch the horse races go by. Brilliant!


If you’re looking to buy a few bottles to take home with you from the racetrack, you will have to settle for a ‘buy now, have delivered to your door later’, due to racecourse alcohol restrictions. With the luxury of not having to lug your cartons of wine home yourself, and wineries offering special discounts on the day, it’s a win-win situation really.


My Tip the Bottle trifecta of winning wines for the day:

Tip the bottle_Sangiovese

  • With First Place going to Olivers Taranga – Vermintino 2014.  I sneaked in a quick tasting of this wine while I was waiting for my pizza. Refreshing, slight sweetness with citrus tasting notes.


tip the bottle_Vermintino


What a winning hand!

I only wish they had this grazing trail at every racing day.

Until next time winos,




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