Dry July – a month without wine

July the 1st.

While many accountants, and the like, are celebrating the end of the financial year, many of you that have started your month long abstinence from alcohol, known as Dry July – a great cause where money is raised to support those living with cancer.

Dry July logo

While I will be continuing to tip the bottle, I thought I might help those of you undertaking this challenge out, to help you avoid the temptation of reaching for the bottle next time you’re sitting down to a meal, movie or having a drink with friends.

Surprising as it seems, but you CAN drink wine throughout Dry July. How? By drinking alcohol removed wine. That’s right, a wine that has had its alcohol removed. Sounds kind of weird, but at least it’s an alternative.

Made the same way as a wine ‘with’ alcohol, the alcohol is removed towards the end of the wine making process, through either vaporisation or through a filtering process.

Typically, removing the alcohol does make the wine taste different – different in the sense being fruitier, and sweeter.

You will find an array of non-alcoholic wine online at places such as:



Hopefully this provides you with some relief, and I wish you the best of luck in this month long challenge. While you may have given up on drinking wine, please don’t give up reading my blog about wine!

I’m keen to hear your tips and tricks in helping you avoid tipping the bottle throughout Dry July. Let me know in the comments section below.


Until next time wino’s,



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