Matching wine with chocolate. Who said it couldn’t be done?

Easter. A day that chocoholics can bask in by eating limitless chocolate, and not be judged. Seeing as though every day is a vino day, what does one do when trying to pair them together at Easter? 5576479777_5ef4e85fa9_zAccording to some people, apparently it’s quite hard to do. ‘Apparently’. When you read the descriptions of wines, there are a lot that state that they have a dark chocolate tasting note. So why can’t a wine with a chocolate tasting note not be matched with a chocolate? I’m not sure of the science behind this, as to why this is the case, but what I can tell you are three little words that will prove these ‘people’ wrong; Nigella Lawson and Port. Okay so technically that’s four words. But who’s counting. You’re currently nursing a sugar overdose.

So let’s start with the first part, getting the chocolate right. I’m sure any chocolate would do, but to ramp it up a bit, I decided to match my wine with a Nigella Lawson dish. I first saw her make this dish on a Christmas special, and was in love with the idea. A chocolate salame. That’s right. It looks like salami, it sounds like salami, but as the name suggests, it’s a chocolate salame. Filled with a selection of nuts, chocolate and biscuit, it’s the perfect combination for an after dinner treat.

IMG_4309To go with this delicious dish, the drink of choice I decided to go with it was a port of course. A port, in my eyes, is a perfect accompaniment to chocolate. While it’s close to red, the sweetness and intensity of a port really does bode well with desserts. I sometimes even skip the dessert and have a glass of port as my dessert. Okay, getting back to the port and dessert matching…my pick is the L.B.V.P from Tahbilk winery. This winery is located close to where I grew up in Nagambie, and is one of Victoria’s oldest wineries, established in 1860. The L.B.V.P is described as “complex nutty, spicy aromas of dark berries & violets and a palate rich with harmonious flavours of chocolate, coffee & walnut finishing with luscious lingering dried fruit sweetness.”

Wow. Even from reading that, it sounds like a chocolate salame in a bottle.

Sure enough, serving the salame along side the L.B.V.P proved to be a hit all around. With a small bite of the chocolate salame, followed by a sip of the port, it really brought out the sweetness and berriness of the port.

Whoever said matching wine with chocolate is hard to do, must not be a chocolate lover. For all you chocolate lovers out there, I can tell you, it can be done. It can be done with a little help from Nigella Lawson and a tasty port.


Nigella’s chocolate salame recipe

Tahbilk’s L.B.V.P


Until next time winos,

Happy Easter


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