Marathon Du Medoc – continued

Marathon Du Medoc continued…
Following weeks of training, I finally arrived in Bordeaux. The city of Bordeaux is an amazing city, oozing French charm, with beautiful architecture and urban streetscape.
For those of you playing at home, Bordeaux is located in the South West of France, and is considered to be one of the world’s wine capitals. With over 286,000 acres of vineyards, there’s certainly no shortage of wine; Please pass me the bottle.

While we were staying in the city of Bordeaux, the run itself was held out in Pauillac (pronounced ‘Poy Yak’), which is just over an hours drive from Bordeaux in the Medoc region.

The night before the run I was mixed with emotion. Emotions of excitement, nervousness and a slight sense of ‘what the hell have I signed myself up for’? With my belly full of carbs, I was out like a light. Early morning rise, off we headed to the train station in our fancy dress costumes to catch the local train to Pauillac, complete with superman and several storm troopers on board.

Ready at the start line, the party atmosphere was brewing. The effort people went to with their outfits was impressive – Aliens that really did look like they were from outta space, Avatar, Star trek, Princess Leia’s, and even a Chewbacca. Music blasting out of speakers, French women suspended by massive balloons, and dancing all around, it was hard to believe we were about to run a marathon.


The start gun sounded. We were off.IMG_4173

As we ran through every single one of the 60 Chateaus on the list, each one was a party; with live music playing, people dancing, food and wine flowing, it made it hard to leave and move on to the next.

IMG_4190IMG_4182 (1)wine glass

I must be honest with you. While the wine was certainly flowing at every winery, I did hold off from drinking until later on in the run, as I was trying to reserve my energy for the many kilometres I had ahead of me. It was around the 37km  point I had my first wine. While I was unsure of the variety it was, I do know it was a white wine, and boy was it delicious! Along side the road there was also freshly shucked oysters (the last thing I could think about eating on a marathon), along with delicious succulent steak and even ice cream as we neared the finish line. Yum!

As the finish line drew closer, whether it was the wine or the ice cream, my energy levels picked up. Making a bolt to the end we were greeted with our finishers’ prize of a backpack, a t-shirt, a cup, a medal, and the all-important bottle of authentic Bordeaux wine, complete with a single rose. So fancy, but oh so French.


After finally completing my first marathon, the party did not end there. Right along side the track was the after-party tent. Inside the tent, the wine continued to flow with the DJ spinning pumping tunes, dancing all around and Chewbacca out the back lapping it all up. It was the best recovery anyone could ask for.


Looking back at this epic run I endured, it was something like no other. Never before have I completed a run where I was literally smiling the whole way. Unbelievable. It will be something I will look back at fondly, and would highly recommend anyone and everyone to take part in it. You will have no regrets, just a greater love of French wine.

Until next time wino’s


For those of you playing at home, click here for a map and list of the Chateau’s we visited. 60 Chateau’s in total!


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